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The Melosphere Story

Ladies, when was the last time you bought something just for your well-being? You take care of children, husbands, family members, pets, and the workplace. Who takes care of you?

When was the last time you found products that made you feel good, healthy or nourished?

It can get quite expensive to pay for massages, facials, and therapy sessions. Don’t get me wrong, these are wonderful self-care routines when you can afford it. But doing something as simple as a spiritual bath, a foot soak,

or lathering on massage oil can make all the difference.

I kept telling myself that until suddenly I realized I hadn’t made room on my calendar for a massage, facial, or any type of relaxation therapy for an entire year, although I craved it badly.

When I lost several family members and struggled with chronic fatigue, “life happened” in such a dramatic and

tragic way that I wondered if I’d ever “feel good” again. I just didn’t have that get-up-and-go like I used to

and daily challenges were mounting.

Infrared sauna visits, meditation, and holistic healthcare became my go-to’s for maintaining wellness. But I found that it was also the little things I did at home that help to round out my sense of well-being, so I created the Melosphere, the “feel good store for women” and curated a selection of items, hand-picked especially for YOU to treat yourself!

Sometimes a small treat goes a long way - Shop the Melosphere today! ~ Queen Mel

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